Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Solo Trip- An oppurtunity to meet yourself

People often wonder about solo traveling and mainly when that traveler is a female. Well, I am a female and a solo traveler and this is the best part of my life or better to say, this is my life.
  Having a father with a wandering job gave me many opportunities to travel as a kid, so  my love for traveling and a dream to see the world started at quite  an early age and as I grew up and started my modeling career, that again made me travel a lot. But, the dream remained  a dream until my first solo trip in 2013 cause never before  I saw the world with my own eyes. 
 I always believe that all solo travelers are traveling to find something or someone, getting it or not depends on the destiny or may be how one tries, but one thing which I can assure you would find is 'you'.  I travel to meet myself and I always get a good result. :)
  As now I only think about what to write and where to go next, both in combination gave me an option of blogging where I can write as well as share my traveling experiences 


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